(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)


I do not comprehend any of the things that my eyes and visual cortex see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place, etc.) nor what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), has told me these things are.

Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort my understanding and full knowledge of what surrounds me in their apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections, their impressions, and the strong obsessive fixations that drive me to project meaning onto these things, where there is none. This delusive need leads me into a web of confusion about what I think I see and its relevance to my life motion picture that I am creating at a given moment, either through my God-like Universal Intelligence or instinctual demonic egoic-subconscious beast mind polarity.  


What you observe is a dense form of energy that collapses at the quantum level. Correcting perception involves knowing the mechanics and power of thought and consciousness to manifest, first as subtle energy, then as matter. The things appearing as matter have no inherent meaning in and of themselves. When you project and catapult meaning onto the objects your individual separative (egoic) mind (manas) tells you that you see, you are blinded by the fact that everything and all events are neutral expressions of thought. Trying to interpret or find meaning in that of which has none therefore confuses you and so you mis-perceive. Acknowledging this is primary to the path of miracle mindedness, self-mastery, and awakening to your true reality and potential. Here we make mention that we have a split and fractured mind, a theory supported by the existence of human insanity and suffering. When we are confused, we are not aligned with God Mind/Universal Intelligence, but the lower subconscious habit-instinctual beast mind.


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