Messianic Consciousness: The Way to Christhood

This was originally posted in August 2009 on the blog Holy Fire by Brother Bryan after initial feelings of doubt about continuing to study classical Gnosticism.

I’ve been having a hard time dismissing the creation myths/stories/origins of the universe according to gnostic sources. One reason is that created nature has so much chaos and violence in it and gnostic teachings attribute that to a cosmic tradegy of miscreation involving corrupt matter that take the responsibility off of the shoulders of Adam and Eve. I guess what I was never able to understand is how nature and the cosmos went into “disorder” following the Fall of Adam and Eve. Whether I continue as an Independent Catholic or not, I still believe that scapegoating Adam and Eve for the mass chaotic cosmic tragedy is unthinkable because the chaos and violence that exists in the many kingdoms of this world, even in space…

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