The extraordinary can be found in the ordinary. Living lives of fame, recognition, and status in the world doesn’t guarantee specialness or an exalted nature of any kind. Self-importance doesn’t translate to the spiritual journey. Bryan shares his experiences of having wrestled with this temptation when he was looking to pursue a career in acting and was wrapped up in himself. We all like to be the center of our own universe, but we are not the individuals we think we are. We are all the same, come from the same Source, and should not define ourselves in terms of our differences or uniqueness. The need to be “different” or to stand out is something we all are susceptible to and this is a drive of type fours on the Enneagram. We have no reason to feel inferior to others or to have to compare ourselves to others to find self-worth.

The myth of specialness can be demystified by coming into the awareness that nothing we lack nothing as Creations of Divinity and do not need praise, fame, or elevated status to feel worthy of what comes from our True Nature (Infinite Love). We are all important in the eyes of the Divine’s plan for each one of us, but again, are not more special or more important than anyone else in this dream world. Being in the public eye does not set a person apart or make them superior. Specialness is debunked by the great text A Course in Miracles. Bryan urges listeners to be humble and to count their blessings if they do hold positions of status in this world. Are you comfortable being on the fringe and living in vitality? Live in your excellence and be thankful and transcend all illusions of the need for approval, praise, and inflation. Observe yourself, not exalt yourself. You will be forever, all that you are, all that you need to be happy.

The meditation and affirmation by Bryan shared at the end of the episode “Allowing and Accepting the Now” is from his album “Light Transmissions” available as an mp3 for purchase on bryanrice.org, amazon mp3, iTunes, and streams on various sites as well.

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