DAY 26
The thoughts of assault, attack, and intent to harm and cause pain and suffering are assaulting and attacking my state of shimmering bliss-peace, Santosha-Contentment, and sense of security. If I can be assaulted, attacked, in pain, and harmed then I am not in a state of security and am prone to danger and fear. It is my individual mind, the egoic-ahamkar, small and false-self that believes I can be assaulted, attacked, harmed, or even killed, due to the fact that this mind believes I have attacked and harmed my small self.


In reality this cannot happen, because my True Christed Self cannot be harmed or be subject to dangerous forms of behavior and thinking and the Christed Self is all that is Real in the Divine Allness’ Primal Creation. This concept that I believe I can be attacked and harmed and that I am inflicting emotional and psychological, and even the possibility of physical pain upon myself is a Law of Mind that I need to understand and turn the tables on it. To see that cause and effect are this law and that what I think causes what I will appear and seem to experience while in this world drama that unfolds daily, and moment by moment as I choose separation instead of Yoga-Union or Communion with The Father-Mother.

Due to projecting the horror film filled with fearful images and thoughts, I directly fear attack, assault, danger, and harm to the body. In turn, since I fear such impending doom, I don’t hold the belief that I am safe from harm, secure and immune to and free from all pain. Such invulnerability is a trait of my Divine Source, who exists outside the illusion of time and space. These thoughts of danger and potential harm, attack, and the possibility of assault, make my egoic-ahamkar, false-self mind feel potentially at risk of all forms of attack mentioned above. This false-self mind is the home where these fearful assault oriented thoughts are found. It is reassuring to know that both thoughts of danger, that I can be harmed, am unsafe and the fact that I really am immune to the threat of pain contradict each other and therefore cannot co-exist.

I am beginning to realize and grow in the awareness that I always threaten to harm myself first. Again, holding thoughts of harm and intent to inflict pain of any kind towards myself and others in all instances entails that I believe I am in fact capable of being harmed or subject to pain and suffering, and that thoughts that stem from this belief are meant to weaken me. If I believe I am capable of being harmed and subject to pain and suffering, I am inducing a form of harm upon my false self, that is the only self that could experience such devastation. I am the Christ. The Son of God. I really cannot be harmed. I only think I can be and am in turn an individual body and brain that is suffering. When I do this or believe this in any way, a falsely imagined picture of myself tries to take the place of my Christed Nature that is in Samadhi-Oneness with God forever.

I must realize that it is the thoughts that I have in my split, separate mind that make me feel I can be subject to pain, the klesha-afflictions, and suffering of any kind. By changing and reversing my thoughts through contemplation and affirmation, I can prevent this from happening on a more regular basis and hopefully, always.

I will contemplate today’s idea six times for two minutes each time. In each sitting, I will close my eyes, repeat the idea for the day, then search my mind for any conflict or anything causing me emotional or psychological dis-ease, such as fear, depression, rage, or the sense of impending doom.

First, I will name the situation like so: : “I am concerned about ________.”
Then I will consider the possible negative outcomes to the distress I am seeming to experience. I will refer to each possible occurrence by saying: “I am afraid _______ will happen.”

After naming each outcome or effect of my perceived pain, I will tell myself:
“That thought is an assault or threat of danger leading to pain or harm upon myself.”


Finally, I will conclude each contemplative sitting by reciting the main consideration for today.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)

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