Silencing A Thousand Barking Dogs Episode 13 – When The Dog Bites: You Can’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lay – Rescuing and Healing Abused and Stray and Dog Pain Patterns


Is demon possession and mental illness connected? Is “possession” a supernatural phenomenon where we are taken over by malevolent energy or is there a less Medieval and and less ancient way of explaining what it means to be “taken over” by an energy, a mental state such as psychosis or pathology of other kinds? In this short episode, Bryan explores commentary and teachings of Eckhart Tolle as supported by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr.


Tolle speaks of the “pain-body” to explain violent and temperamental “phantoms” that are rooted in pain-patterns we store in our bodies from the past. Bryan talks about ways to identify the surfacing of the pain body as it awakens from its dormant state. Richard Rohr says that Tolle’s concept of the pain body is a perfect example to describe what Christianity and other ancient religions have attributed to the phenomenon of demonic energy.


The pain-body is the “dark-shadow cast by the ego” and is afraid of the light of you consciousness. The pain-body is afraid of being “found out”. We need to bring our pain into the light of consciousness so we do not let it possess us like an “insubstantial phantom”.


There is a way out of pain from the past. The first step is becoming aware by exposing our strong reactivity and buried emotional traumas. Bringing it to consciousness, we free ourselves from the “anti-life” that causes us to lose control. “Sleeping dogs” can be traumas or disowned pain patterns in the unconscious, Bryan says. Like the fearful dog who mistrusts others, may be chained and neglected, we all have our triggers and can become explosive.


This episode explores a subject worth pondering, for we all repress pain that leads to “dis-ease” of many kinds.

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